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Available Feb 2019 to June 2019

Ford Ranger XLT

$699.99 / Month

*Quoted rates on these large SUVs and vans are “year round” – (rentals under 8 month duration are additional $400/month during peak May-August season)

MILEAGE ALLOWANCES/CHARGES – All rates include 3000 miles/month. Additional miles are billed at $.30/mile upon return. For instance, if you keep the vehicle 4 months and drive 14,000 miles, rate includes 12,000 free miles, and additional 2000 miles billed @ $.30/mile ($600 mileage charge).

MAXIMUM MILES – Vehicles need to be returned/exchanged by the 18,000 mile mark. Mileage over 18,000 miles will be billed at $.25/mile, regardless of monthly usage, unless approved in advance. Please contact us before 15,000 miles are reached to allow adequate time to process an exchange.

MAXIMUM INSERVICE TIME – Vehicles need to be returned/exchanged after a maximum of 12 months in service. We will contact you by the 11th month to arrange an exchange as needed. Any units kept past 12 months are subject to a $200/month surcharge.

Mini Lease Info Request

Customers interested in enrolling in the program please fill out this form.

  • Please select the vehicle you are interested in leasing.
  • Please provide the name of the member that referred you to the program if applicable.
  • Please use this space to ask any questions you may have about the vehicles we offer or the program in general.