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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I pick the color of the vehicle? 
    1. While we take color preference into consideration, we cannot guarantee colors of any vehicles at any time
  2. How do I make my monthly payment?
    1. Monthly payments are on processed through major credit cards
  3. Do you accept business debit cards? 
    1. No, we only accept major credit cards
    2. Does the major credit card need to be in my name?
      1. Yes, the major credit card needs to be in the primary customer’s name or business name – name on card and name for rental need to match
  4. How many miles a month can I put on the vehicle?
    1. The program allows most vehicles 3,000 free miles per month.  On higher ended vehicles, such as the Mercedes and Range Rovers, the mileage cap is at 1,000 free miles per month
  5. What happens if I go over the fixed mileage cap of 3,000 miles per month?
    1. The penalty for going over miles is $0.15/mile over the allotted 3,000 miles
  6. Who can drive the mini lease vehicle?
    1. Spouses and business associates are permitted additional drivers
  7. Is there any down payment required?
    1. There is no down payment required – we just need a major credit card for billing
  8. What is the minimum term of the rental?
    1. To get the advertised rates, you will need to have the rental vehicle for at a minimum, 2 months.
  9. How long do I keep the vehicle?
    1. You are permitted to keep the vehicle until the mileage reaches 12,000 miles and up until 15,000 miles.  We will never request your vehicle back unless we have a suitable exchange (color is not a reason not to exchange).
  10. Can I purchase insurance from your company, or should I use my own?
    1. We require our renters to verify insurance with their carriers prior to enrollment and doing that requires our Disclaimer Waiver to be exaimined with their carrier.
  11. What do I do if I get into an accident?
    1. If an accident occurs, please reach out to us ASAP – we will set up an exchange.  Please do not set up any repairs to be done on your own.
  12. Am I able to trade in my old vehicle to get into your program?
    1. Yes, we also operate as an Auto Trader buying center.  If that is something you’re interested in, please provide the VIN# and we will put you in touch with our sales manager.
  13. How do I go about getting the vehicle serviced?
    1. We simply ask that you take the vehicle to the appropriate dealer to get an oil change.  Once completed, please send us the invoice and we credit the money you paid out of pocket directly on the rental contract.