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Program Details


Introduction to the Long-Term Rental Program:

Thank you for your interest in our Long-Term Rental Program! We are pleased to offer you an alternative to the headache and depreciation that takes all the fun out of car shopping and ownership. Our program offers you the flexibility that no other vehicle purchase or lease can match. The long-term rental program truly offers options for any lifestyle, business, or budget!

The program consists of a renewable monthly contract, and you initially sign up for a minimum of two months. After the two months, you may continue to rent for as long as you’d like to stay in the program; exchanging vehicles when necessary. This is not a lease! The vehicle’s registration will never be in your name, you will not have a large down payment, and you will not be locked in to one vehicle for years. You will have several vehicles to choose from, as well as the option to change makes and models whenever an exchange is due.

Requirments to Enter the Program:
  1. Complete an MVR (motor vehicle record): All possible drivers of the vehicle must complete and return our “Driver Record Release Form” in order to be approved for rental. Drivers must be over the age of 25. Drivers between 21 and 25 years of age are ONLY permitted on company rentals if authorized by and insured through their employer. Drivers under 25 years of age are NOT permitted on personal rentals under any circumstances. 

  2. Provide Confirmation/Documentation of coverage through your carrier using our “Coverage Evaluation” Form: Please email or fax the Coverage Evaluation to your current auto insurance provider. Have them review and complete page 1 in its entirety so you can determine how your current coverage will convey to the items listed. If your current carrier is unable to provide coverage on your rental, don’t worry because we have alternate coverage options for you! We have a list of preferred insurance agents as well as in-house coverage for your convenience. Once you/your insurance agent complete page 1, you can complete pages 2 and 3 of the evaluation. If you decide to opt for any of our in-house coverages, these are available for selection on page 2. The Coverage Evaluation MUST be completed in full in order for us to set up your customer account. 

  3. Provide Proof of Insurance Coverage on our vehicle: Now that you have confirmed coverage with your carrier, our vehicle must be added to your policy and our company must be listed as the additional insured and loss payee for our vehicle. The carrier MUST list our vehicle’s VIN number (VIN will need to be updated at every exchange). After the VIN has been added, you will need to provide proof of coverage via a certificate or binder of insurance (ID cards or declaration pages are not sufficient). Please note that this step is void if you opt for our full coverage for $199/month. Otherwise, we MUST have the certificate or binder of insurance with our company and our vehicle listed for you to proceed in the program.

  4. Provide monthly payment information: We accept major credit cards or ACH withdrawals for the monthly payments. Your first month’s payment is due on the day you pick up your vehicle. You will need to provide us with either a major credit card or an ACH account. **WE DO NOT ACCEPT DEBIT CARDS FOR THE  MONTHLY PAYMENT**

  5. Provide a $1,000 deposit: We will take a $1,000 deposit at the time of pickup. The deposit is refundable upon exiting the program pending there are no damages on the vehicle you return. We can take the deposit via credit or debit card. We cannot run deposits via ACH.

  6. Once you pick up a vehicle, you must keep it for at least two months before returning or exchanging it.

Additional Vehicle Services:

Beyond the Long-Term Rental Program, we also have a used car sales department and a long-term airport parking lot.

Budget Car Sales:

Our sales team sells all our long-term rental vehicles once they are returned, as well as vehicles acquired by trade-ins. If you enjoy the vehicle you are renting, you have the option to purchase it from our sales team once the vehicle reaches the 12,000 to 15,000 mileage limit. This option has become very popular among long-term renters over the years.

To inquire about purchasing your rental, or to discuss other options currently for sale, please contact: 

Matthew Wagner, Sales Manager, Budget Car Sales of Harrisburg: 717-461-8172 (O) | 717-576-1937 (C)

You may also visit their website at:

Cramer Airport Parking:

Our office is a short drive from the Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) and we offer both short and long-term parking. Customers are provided with a courtesy shuttle van that will take them to and from the airport.

To inquire about parking rates or to make a reservation, please call:


You may also visit their website at