Program Details


Introduction to the Monthly Rental Program:

Thank you for your interest in our Monthly Rental Program. We are pleased to offer you an alternative to the headache and depreciation that takes all the fun out of driving, car shopping and ownership! Our program offers you the financial and customer flexibility that no other vehicle purchase or lease can match. The monthly rental program vehicle inventory availability and our additional sales/purchasing services, truly offers options for any lifestyle, business, or budget.

The program consists of a renewable monthly contract, for as long as you’d like to stay in the program (2 month minimum) exchanging vehicles when necessary. This is not a lease; the registration will never be in your name, you will not have a large down payment, and you will not be locked in to one vehicle for years. You will have several vehicles to choose from, as well as the option to change make and models.

To Enter the Program:

  1. Complete Driver’s Record Release Document: All possible drivers on the vehicle must complete and return the Driver Record Release Form, so they can be added to the contract. The Rental Contract only permits spouses and fellow employees (on business rentals). Drivers Under the age of 25 are permitted if rented and authorized by the employer only. Please see the Driver Record Release Form (page 6).

  2. Complete Confirmation /Documentation of Coverage with your carrier using our Coverage Evaluation Document: Email or fax the Coverage Evaluation (page 7-9) to your current auto insurance provider. Have them review and complete PART 1, so you can determine how your current coverage will convey to the 12 items listed. If your current carrier does not work, don’t worry, we have alternate coverage options for you. We have Alternate Coverage Providers (page 5), as well as in house coverage for your convenience (which are listed in Part 2 of the Coverage Evaluation document). Once you complete Part 1, you can complete PART 2 of the document. We will need the Coverage Evaluation Document Completed in full for your customerfile.

  3. Provide Proof of Insurance Coverage: Now that you have confirmed coverage with your carrier, we must be added to the policy as additional insured & loss payee with our vehicle. The carrier can list our vehicle VIN number (VIN will need to updated and documented, at every exchange). We must have a copy of your certificate of insurance, with the company and vehicle listed to proceed in the program (See Insurance Confirmation & Options located on page 5).

  4. You need to provide us with a major credit card or an ACH authorization form for payment.

  5. $1,000 refundable deposit due at pickup. *NO DEBIT CARDS ALLOWED*

  6. You need to have the vehicle for a minimum of two months.

Additional Vehicle Services:

Beyond the Monthly Rental Program, we also offer the following vehicle services in house: 

Used Car Sales or Leasing (
Vehicle Purchasing- Auto Trader Buying Center,

This service has become very popular with Monthly Rental Customers, to purchase owned vehicles after they sign on to the Monthly Rental Program.

For information on any of these additional services, please contact: Matthew Wagner, Sales Manager, Budget Car Sales of Harrisburg: office  717-461-8172 | mobile 717-576-1937