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Lauren Boehm Long-Term Rental Manager

Lauren is our dedicated Long-Term Rental Manager, contributing to the organization’s success with her exceptional skills in customer service and problem-solving. She plays a pivotal role in our daily operations, which include:

Onboarding new clients.
Managing the accounts of existing clients, both business and personal.
Facilitating vehicle exchanges for our valued existing clients.
Maintaining strong relationships with our loyal clients.
Lauren’s journey with our group of companies began in 2011 when she joined the short-term rental segment as a “hiker” or vehicle porter. Since then, she’s worn various hats, from working at one of our on-site airport rental counters to serving as an administrative assistant to the mastermind of our business eco-system, Solomon Cramer. Today, Lauren leads our team at Budget of Harrisburg Long-Term Rental.
Beyond the Office: When she’s not at work, Lauren is a superhero in her personal life, wrangling two wild and full-of-energy boys and hitting the gym. But her true passion lies in spending quality time with her family and friends.
What Lauren Loves About Her Job: Lauren treasures the relationships she’s built over the years. There’s something truly special in seeing a customer’s face light up when they connect on a personal level, whether it’s sharing stories about their children or their unique professional journeys.
 Bucket List: One of Lauren’s dreams is to attend a concert at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.
Making a Difference: Outside of work, Lauren and her family actively support the ASPCA, Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and their local food bank, making a positive impact on the community.

Most Memorable Day: Some of the most unforgettable moments in Lauren’s journey at Budget LTR are made when she has the opportunity to step out from behind the desk and meet with our valued customers on their turf. Getting to learn more about their businesses in the field is always an enriching experience that deepens the connection between us and our clients. It’s these real-world interactions that make every day special for her.
Join us in celebrating Lauren’s outstanding contributions to our team and the incredible experiences she creates for our clients. She’s not just an extraordinary professional but also a devoted family person and dedicated philanthropist.